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The (in)visibilised is politicised

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Politics of solidarity/Politics of sexuality, beyond the framework of identity

During their presentation “Politics of solidarity/Politics of sexuality, beyond the framework of identity" at the Homonationalism and Pinkwashing Conference, the RAHA Iranian Feminist collective presented a list of dos and don’ts for those interested in queerness in Iran.

These guidelines of course apply beyond the context of Iran.

- Don’t project definitions, values and understanding. Language matters, but is imperfect

- While identity labels are useful, they can also be harmful

- Sometime identifying as gay may not share your world view. They may not see increased visibility as being equal to freedom.

- However, don’t assume they are different from yourself

- Practices have different meaning from context to context. For example, male hugging and kissing

- Do situate yourself, who you are, who you are addressing and the information you encounter

- Recognise the regulation of sexuality in your own context and society

- Make links between nationalism and the regulation of sexuality in some societies

- Don’t perpetuate Islamophobia or racism . Remember that racism part of  nation building 

- Do recognise that Islamic beliefs are a realm of interpretations 

- Don’t imagine that in this poilitcal environment, pressure will bring about sexual liberation in Iran

- Do recognise where your power will be most effective

(At least that is what I believe the guidelines were. My connection wasn’t too great, and I had to fill out  a few blanks)

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